Wednesday, February 20, 2008

had my anaerobic threshold test done

So finally the weather cooperated and I was able to get down to altheus and get my anaerobic threshold tested so that I can have some correct training zones. Unfortunately their printer was down and I still haven't received an email copy of the zones yet, so nothing to share. Its ok, I am not going to use the zones tonight as I worked pretty hard during the test.

I had a mask/ventilator put on my head and I breathed into it so that the computer system can monitor my oxygen in and CO2 out. All the while he would ask me everything 3 mins what exertion level I was at on a scale of 1 -10 then he would increase the resistence. By the end I was at a 10 and my max heart rate rose to a final number of 190. Funny how that number is nothing when I run. He mentioned that if you had aprox 5-10 more beats you can roughly get your max running heart rate, but its just an approximation but not worth it since running is not my specialty, hence why I tested on the bike.

It is recommended that I do the test again about 2 weeks before my big race for the season, which will be August 16th. That way I will know at what heart rate I should race at to achieve optimal performance.

Hey, let the numbers do the talking!


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