Saturday, September 12, 2009

2010 NYC Marathon. Ill see you there!

That is if you can find me amongst the 45,000 others in 14 months time :)

I did my last NYRR qualifier this morning around Central Park. It was only a 4 miler, but it hurt a LOT. I didnt realize how humid it was this morning! At least it didnt rain!

So I did no warmup other than walking and my splits came out as:

I basically gunned it from the start and then faded. I did this on purpose. I just wanted to go hard to get the blood going and then settle in for the final 3 miles.

I saw a little bit of the destruction in the park. When we turned left onto the 102nd street transverse, I saw HUGE mounds of mulch. I also noticed when you turn from the 102nd street transverse onto the west side drive that there used to be a huge tree @ that corner that gave a lot of shade. There is now a huge hole there. So sad. I can only imagine the destruction had we gone further north.

So I have 14 months to get my butt into marathon shape!


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