Friday, September 4, 2009

another ride and bike fitting #1

Went for a 23 miler after we got out of work early. Man this weather has been incredible!!!

Then I went for a bike fitting. I found a good fitter! He knows his stuff, which is a huge relief. He also did some flexibility tests, and I am NOT very flexible. Oops! He mentioned that becoming more flexible will help my position out on the bike because I wont be straining myself to hold the aero position, even with a good fit. Regardless, I think some more flexibility would be a good thing.

The seat height is good, but the cockpit is too low, and that is why I have been putting some strain on my arms and I have been hitting my knees into my arms. So he flipped the steam which gave me 4cm of heigh and that helped, but more will be better. So I need to call the bike shop and see if they have larger sized spacers.

So then I will go back in next week with the new spacers and he will adjust the seat angle and back/forward position.

His setup is really good. He had me on a Computrainer and had a video camera to get a profile view. That was pretty cool. Unfortunately my aero bars are a fixed length and cannot slide forwards or backwards, because sliding them towards me will help with my support and take the load off of my triceps.

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  1. I need to work on my flexibility, too ... when I got fitted I learned that I have awful hip flexor flexibility. enjoy the new fit !


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