Thursday, September 10, 2009

back on the road bike, OUCH!

Got onto the road bike for the first time in about a month. Since riding my new Cervelo I guess I am used to riding much more forward because as soon I as I got going on the road bike, I felt like I was 10 feet back from the handlebars. It was not comfy @ all!

And the funny thing is that nothing has been adjusted on the road bike for 3 years....

So I am guessing that the position was wrong to start with and I just got used to it?

I am going in next Tuesday for another fitting on this bike. It really amazes me that my position could have been wrong for so long.....

But I got in a 17 mile ride @ lunch. My legs felt great. I always ride so much easier on the road bike (despite the position). I can climb like nobody's business on that thing. Last night I was comparing the weight of TT bike vs the road bike all loaded up minus water and they feel about the same weight. The TT bike might be a smidge lighter? And yet while riding the road bike feels like a feather in comparison!


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