Sunday, September 27, 2009

woah, we kicked butt yesterday

I found the results for our race yesterday: OVERALL RESULTS

Bob, our swimmer had the 2nd fastest swim OVERALL!!! with a time of 11:06 for a 1:15/100 pace. He shaved off 1:25 from last year. He obviously had the fastest relay swim split.

My bike was 42:55 for an average of 21 mph flat. (I shaved off 1:42 from last year). I had the 14th fastest bike overall and the 2nd fastest bike for the relay division. The guy who came in after me told me that he was trying to catch me the entire time, but couldn't. Man does that not make you feel like a rockstar?!?!?! This is compared to the 31st fastest bike split last year.

Our runner, Stewart, did a 37:48 for a 7:33 pace. 48th overall and 3rd fastest for relays.

We did 9th overall!!!

Relays are awesome and are sooooooooo much more relaxing to do.

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  1. congrats!! I did a relay a couple of weeks ago and it was a blast... so low key !


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