Thursday, September 3, 2009

got indirectly called "masochistic"

So a coworker and I went for a lunch time run today @ work. My office is on top of this huge hill that always kicks your butt @ the finish. I rode up the thing this morning and yesterday @ lunch on the bike. I guess I have just gotten used to going up it over time whether I am riding it or running up it. Hills are good for you! just like eating your vegetables.

So we run to the top of the hill and we walk it back to the entrance of the building. We see this guy on a road bike stop near the top, flip his bike over, fiddle with the rear wheel and sit down on the curb. We think he is broken down so we ask him if everything is ok. He just says, "Im fine, just resting. You gotta be a masochist to go up that thing[the hill]!"

We just smiled :)


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