Thursday, September 3, 2009

checked my ego @ the door

I heard this expression last winter. I really like it cuz I used it this morning.

I went out for an early morning ride and I didn't use the big ring. I stayed in the small ring the entire time and just spun the legs out. I felt great! I remember my high school cycling coach tell me that learning restraint is one of the hardest things to do with endurance training. Basically it was knowing when to take it easy even though you feel like you can and should go hard all the time.

So I have learned this morning one way to go easy is to just not use the big ring.


  1. oh yeah, I love me some small ring! ... in fact, I miss my granny gear ;)

  2. I saw on BT that you ride a lot in Greenwich. I'm new to the area - can you email me your thoughts? Favorite roads, etc.? I would love a few 20 to 50 mile paths. Any help would be great - Nate ( or nrichey on BT)


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