Sunday, November 22, 2009

good week in review, 6 miler to start new week

I had a good week. Biked 104 miles and ran 17.4. Swam only 2200, but we will keep that a secret ;)

Looking back at my logs over this past year, this past week (minus the swimming) would have been my most voluminous week all year. Uuuuhhhhhhh, wha?

How is this possible?!?!?!? I am in the freaking off season right now just taking it easy and my legs feel perfectly fine right now as I am typing this.

Well, the answer is: I biked 4 times and I ran 4 times. Thats it. No mystery. No magic involved. I just biked and ran 1 more time each than normal.

Here are my run/bike workouts:

Sunday 11/15/09 29.04 01:34:28 18.4446 5 00:46:24 00:09:17
Monday 11/16/09 18.04 01:07:35 16.0158

Tuesday 11/17/09

3 00:28:25 00:09:28
Wednesday 11/18/09 18.1 01:06:31 16.3267

Thursday 11/19/09

5 00:48:01 00:09:36
Friday 11/20/09

4.39 00:39:06 00:08:54
Saturday 11/21/09 39.07 02:07:30 18.3859

104.25 05:56:04 17.29 17.39 02:41:56 00:09:19

So right here explains what happens when you add a 4th day of running and biking. For me, I actually felt better and I put in more training load. I also noticed that I was taking it super easy on the runs. This week was a good accidental test that is really going to shape next year.

And this morning I went out for a 6 miler to start week #3 of my half marathon training. Talk about perfect weather!!! 53 degrees, lots of sun, and no wind. Ran an 8:55 pace and just felt great......after the 3 mile mark. You can check it out here:


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