Sunday, November 29, 2009

7 miles to round out November

I finished up a personal record running month this morning by knocking off 7 miles; I'll end up with 73.78.....which for a seasoned marathoner is probably a week's worth of volume, but for me, is a milestone. I'm really trying to nail some confidence when running a half marathon. I want to race it for once instead of running to finish. I have 8 weeks till the NYRR Manhattan Half, and I am in a good place right now. Im for the first time consistently running 4 times/week and my body is able to take the abuse. I was feeling it a bit in my knees a bit in the final mile this morning.

Today's run:


  1. Nice work! I here you about finishing instead of racing. I've been instructed to abuse myself in Sunday's 10K by my coach. as if getting up this morning at 5:45 to swim wasn't abuse enough.

    Why is it we do this?

  2. Great job on the miles! Take my advice, don't compare your training to anyone else's except your previous months training. Watch your own progress and be proud! Milestones like that should always be celebrated! Congrats!!!!


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