Friday, November 27, 2009

fueled by turkey

I went "easy" last night on the turkey day dinner. Easy meaning only 3 slices of pie. haha!

So I had ZERO hunger issues this morning for my 4 mile run. I like running on holiday weekends because there is ZERO traffic in the mornings. Its this erie feeling like running through a ghost town, especially when you live in suburbia. I sometimes think of the beginning to "28 Days Later."

And when it comes to zombies, I always refer to Rule # 1 of "Zombieland,": CARDIO.


I haven't been on the bike in almost a week and my legs are not feeling 100% right now. I think I had a peak week last week because I never once felt fatigued, wheras this week I have only ran and my legs feel like crap every run. Maybe tomorrow I'll head out for a short ride.

I hopped into the pool on Wednesday and did 2300 yards. I felt wasted by the end, but at least I didn't feel as wasted. Monday is gonna be a big day in the pool.


  1. I had two pieces of pie and a third for breakfast this morning. Yum.

  2. I saw you are following my blog and then I saw you on BT under the Mooseman forum. I didn't realize you are doing that race too! I'm also doing the Bronx Biathlon. My coach gave me my schedule yesterday for my first week of training for Mooseman. I start tomorrow; today is my last day in Slothville. And so it begins....

    I pretty much behaved with the turkey and pie, since my aunt was having a prime rib roast the next day with birthday cake for my uncle. Ugh, I feel like I will never be able to move again.


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