Friday, November 13, 2009

2010 Race Schedule

I think I am narrowing down my 2010 Race Schedule some more. The additions are mostly B and C races:

1/25/10: NYRR Manhattan Half Marathon / C
2/7/10: NYRR Bronx Half Marathon / C
3/21/10: NYC Half Marathon / B
4/26/10: Bronx Biathlon / C
5/23/10: Dutchess Triathlon / B
6/6/10: Mooseman 70.3 / A
8/7/10: Fronhofer Tool Triathlon / B
8/22/10: Timberman 70.3 / A
11/07/10: NYC Marathon / A+

I have noticed over the past two seasons that I usually have a peak 2 weeks after a shorter but more intense race, and this is why I am doing a sprint 2 weeks before Mooseman and an Olympic 2 weeks before Timberman. Plus, the Fronhofer course just looks incredible (on paper).

So it looks like I will have a nice 8 week gap between Mooseman and the Fronhofer Olympic. Plenty of time to recover and rebuild in time for the end of Tri season.

Then there will be a 10+ week gap between Timberman and the NYC Marathon to drop EVERYTHING and become a pure runner.

And since I am going coachless next year, its all going to be about following the plan.


  1. I envy your organization and planning.

    Looks like a challenging, yet fun schedule!


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