Saturday, July 31, 2010

Timberman Course Preview; Yeah, um, the race should have been held this past weekend!!!! DANGIT!

So when its 62 degrees and raining, my body likes to go fast.
When its 75 degrees, sunny, with ZERO % humidity, my body likes to go fast.
When its 100% humidity and 80+ degrees, my body wilts on the run, and I don't go fast.

Today was the 75 degrees, sunny, with ZERO % humidity brand of weather.

My body went fast.

I am up in NH previewing the Timberman course. I think this is the 4th time I have done the course (the third and previous time was the race from last year). Today I went a 2:43:00 on the bike, hit the turnaround @ 1:19:00 on the dot and positive split the bike by 4 mins (this course is a net downhill on the way out, and a net uphill on the way back). Held 200 watt average (BAM!!!). Last year during the race I went a 2:49:47 and held 170 watts. 7 min improvement? I will take that!

I was convinced that I nuked my legs on the bike (as usual). So I threw on the run shoes and started running. My body went. Did a 10K in 48:15 for a 7:47 pace. Where the F did that come from!!! I was on pace for a freaking low 1:4X:00 half marathon! I stopped @ 10K because I was feeling multiple blisters coming on. Glad I stopped when I did! Gonna save those blisters for race day in 3 weeks. In comparison, I ran a 2:23:xx last year during the run....yeah, let's not talk about it ;)

In other words, why wasn't the race today! DANGIT!!!!! I woulda had the race of my life!!!! I am seriously bawling my eyes out right now! (not really....)

I know, in 3 weeks we could have the same weather, but its not that. I just paced myself to the best bike ride of my entire life to have the fastest half marathon of my life. How am I going to repeat that! Its like go put together a 10,000 piece puzzle right now, tear it back apart, rinse and repeat it. Seems overwhelming, right?

Ok, enough whining!

Positive spin: My fitness is in a GREAT place right now. I still have 3 weeks to increase it even further with one more long ride next weekend followed by either another 10K (geez, I guess these brick workouts are good after all?!?!?) or a long run the next day with 2 weeks to keep going.

So today was good all around. My bike split was 7 mins faster than last year's race time. The run I don't even need to talk about. My run is finally coming back around. AND! I know what it is due to: Besides a season full of 80+ mile months, I finally hit the 100 mile in a month milestone. After today's 10K, I will wind up with ~101 miles for July.

But I think the bigger thing is the amount of work that I have put into the bike this summer. Every long ride that I have done has been of a half Ironman distance and has been done at my half ironman intensity and wattage, while practicing and refining my half ironman nutrition and hydration. I got it all figured out!

I used Nuun for the first time on the bike and run. They are a little fizzy, but other than that are good? There was nothing negative about them, so if anything they are harmless. Did they contribute to my awesome bike and run today? No idea. Had it been the usual swampy fumidity out there and I did the same result on the bike and run, then I would say most likely the Nuun worked, but I will have to wait for those conditions before I can determine that. For now, they are IN for training.

So for Timberman, I know the course. I know how I f-ed up last year and I have fixed those mistakes. I can stay in the aero position for 56 miles straight now and I know how to drink and eat appropriately.

PLEASE let these next 3 weeks go well! PLEASE! I have "it" right now and I don't wanna lose it!

Finally, a loud SHOUT OUT! to Kevin @ IronmanByThirty! He dropped a 5:29:21 @ Ironman Steelhead 70.3 this past weekend, besting his time from last year by a whopping 40 mins!!! Way to go Kevin! That is a HUGE improvement in a year's time! Absolutely phenomenal! Drop by his blog and give him a shoulder rub of Aloe. He needs it! ;) will understand what I mean!


  1. Nice training! keep it up you got it...keep doing what your doing. Love your stats...I gotta get on that!

  2. That sounds like an awesome training day! I know exactly what you mean about the weather! Today is was in the low 80's and absolutely beautiful out and I had an awesome run! The weather next week for my race is supposed to be in the 90's...booo! Why couldn't it have been today?
    The next 3 weeks are going to fly by and before you know it, it will be race day! And, you are going to ROCK!

  3. Sounds awesome! If you did it today then you can do it in 3 weeks. I have no doubt.

    Inquiring minds want to know - what is the nutrition plan (other than nuun) that you nailed to power this awe-inspiring workout?

  4. Thanks for the shoutout. I can use all the aloe I can get right now.

    Nice work on hitting the 100 mile month milestone. Hopefully the weather in 3 weeks is just like today. You are going to rock it!

  5. I think you're going to kill it in three weeks too! You are right on track for an awesome race! :) Keep it up!

  6. VERY nice training day!! Don't be scared that you can't repeat it. You will be able to more than repeat it on race day after you give yourself a little taper!!

    It sounds like you are SOOOOO much more prepared (mentally and physically) than you were a year ago.

    Have a good training week this week, and make sure you take it easy before the big day!

    You must have gained so much confidence from this workout! YOU ARE READY FOR AN EPIC RACE...

  7. Timberman is my dream half-ironman! Maybe in a year or two- many of my teammates will be there though! You sound ready to me :)

  8. Wow, you totally rocked it out there. It is too bad the race isnt for a while longer, but you'll rock it again on race day. You've worked your butt off physically and mentally, just believe in yourself and your training!

  9. Way to bust ass Jon! When we are all bitching about how cold it is in January let's all remind each other how shitty this summer has been!


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