Monday, July 26, 2010

I am a mathematics genius......sorta....PLEASE READ!!!!

If you were to quiz me, you are gonna have to come up with some difficult math Q's.

Ok, how about your 14 times table. What's 14 x 4? 56!
How about your 56 times table? 56 x 2? 112!
How about converting yards into miles? Easy! 880 yards is how many yards? .5 miles!
This ones a bit harder: 2112 yards, convert that? EASY! 1.2 miles!
5K? 3.1 miles
10K? Come one! Give me one harder. 6.2
Fine! 42K? Yaaaaaawwwwwnnnnnn. 26.2 miles.
What would $550 get you? An entrance to an Ironman.
What does picking up dirty clothes for 4 hours get you? A guaranteed entrance to an Ironman.
Whats a convienient way to break up 140.6 miles? Well, a scientist out on the island of Hawaii figured out that 2.4 + 112 + 26.2 = 140.6. I think he learned it from the Mayans?
Where is a good place to go 140.6 miles? Lake Placid.
When do you think you would do this? July, 24th 2011.

Well, are you? YES! I registered this morning :)

Ok, now for the sappy part. Thank you blogger friends for following me these past few seasons! Its been fun following you and I look forward to to following you in the future as I up my personal bar yet again to go for the Super Bowl of triathlon distances.

In 365 days, I'm gonna be REALLY sore! haha! ;)


  1. BOOM goes the Dynamite! Just heard IMTX sold out yesterday already -- we don't even have the course maps and it has sold out - crazy!

    Bring on the pain!

  2. Congrats on pulling the trigger! What a year it looks to be! Can't wait to hear more about your volunteer experience in LP and what you saw.

  3. congrats man, I may have to respond with a 70.3 reg soon.

  4. I have a math question, if we were having this conversation face to face, how many seconds before I changed the subject and you have to fast foward to the good part?

    Congrats, you will go great, we are excited to foolow this new journey.

  5. Awesome! Can't wait to read all about your training for the next year!!

  6. That's awesome and that you earned it by volunteering makes it even better.

  7. Woohoo! Congrats! I can't wait to follow your training! :)

  8. WAY TO GO! I cant wait to hear about the build up. Happy and Healthy training!!

  9. I think I need some credit for calling this one! Kidding--I'm really psyched for you. You will love it and it's great to have a whole year to start getting things in order too! Can't wait to hear about it.

  10. Hi little bro,
    You are a rock star for signing up for this one! Congrats....looking forward to hearing all about your crazy training:)

  11. WOO HOO!!! I'm super excited for you! Congrats on the first of many steps to reach the glory line! You should feel great!

  12. My favorite joke –

    How do you tell the Ironman at the party?

    You don’t have to – he’ll tell you!

    Enjoy the journey!

  13. Congrats on signing up! Lake Placid seems like a good one to do.

  14. 2011!! Go big or go home! Booyah!

    Wait, I see Mandy's comment.....! Did she sign up too?!

    love your last post too. I love the sensation of sweating it out and jumping in the cold lake/ocean water...ahhhhhhhhh....

  15. I'm in....couldnt pass it up: see you there!

  16. Yeah!!! I am so excited for you, and so excited to see you follow this journey in the blog world.

    I am hoping to be volunteering at LP2011 to sign up for LP2012.

    Your heart has to be pounding hard when you actually pull the trigger on something this BIG!!

  17. (insert evil laugh here...)

    Bet you're thinking those hills just got bigger.

    Seriously, it's gonna be a helluva journey. I didn't sign up myself...even though you and Mandy kinda got me thinking about it...

  18. Awesome!!!! three of my friends also signed up- first for all of them!

  19. Found your blog from mandy's link. Wish you the best in your next 365 days of training. I look forward to following it.

  20. Buckle your seat belt, its going to be a bumpy ride. But it will be soooooooo worth it! Congrats, Jon. Have fun in the transition tent.


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