Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My clothes don't fit anymore

*Turn ON Narcissistic mode*

I need to step onto a scale, or my clothes have been stretched out or my clothes don't fit me anymore. I feel like one of those people on those weight loss commercials who after they have lost a ton of weight get back into their old pants and hold the waist line way out to show the loss. Except I am still wearing these clothes!

A little over a year ago I bought some new shorts, with a waist size of 31. I used to wear size 32 pants and shorts all through college and into my early and mid twenties. The new 31's were a bit tight and almost got the 32's.

Well now these 31's have a 2 inch gap between the shorts waist line and my waist. My jeans, which are all 31 waist, have the same issue and look terribly baggy on me. I feel frumpy! haha!

So over the weekend I went and tried on a pair of 29's and 30's. The 29's had the look and weight of child sized pants. They did NOT fit....way too small. The 30's I got on, but the problem is that my thighs are too big! I felt like I was walking like Kramer from Seinfeld during that episode where he put the jeans on that he could never get off. So 31's are too big, 30's are too small. Do they make 30.5's?


Any thoughts from you fashion aficionados?

*Turn OFF Narcissistic mode*


  1. You are shopping the wrong stores.*F%3F&GUID=8ab6dde61250a0b5833359e3ffaf1679&itemid=360199820424&ff4=263602_263622
    (I'm hoping that other readers were in the weight rooms back in the 80s. They will remember these things)

  2. This site has more "styles" (if you can use that word for these)

  3. First of all, woohoo for the weight loss! :)

    Secondly, you're probably going to have to go to a store that has different styles of jeans. Your best bet will probably be a "relaxed fit" style. They usually fit well in the waist, but are loser in the thigh. Good luck! :)

  4. Congratulations on the weight loss! I feel your pain though. I am in between sizes and it sucks. So I guess I can't really offer any advice!

  5. Same problem going from 190 race weight to 173... Legs are too tight any size lower than 33 so I since up the waist and hope no one notices. I don't dare get smaller clothes as I'll probably bounce back to 185 for the winter. I don't feel the need for two sets of clothes and we don't have the room at home. =)

  6. Welcome to my world, or should I say a problem many women face; if it fits in the waist, it is too big in the legs, if it fits in the legs, it is huge in the waist. I feel you though. I had to go to our storage facility and drag out all my old clothes that I couldn't fit into anymore after having my son. Now all of those are starting to get loose. I could think of worse troubles. Congrats!

    @catmarlson...Sadly, I remember No Limits...I am a adolescent of the 80's.

  7. Not a bad problem to have, better than the reverse!

  8. Try the Gap or something. I can wear a 29 inch 'relaxed' jean but no way with a straight leg - too tight.

    And lucky you - these sizes are always on clearance at these places.

    Now, having a 10 inch drop from chest to waist - that is a problem!

  9. I had the same problem this past week. I put on my pair of dress pants and they were so loose that I had the cinch up the belt and extra notch, but that looked funny because they all the extra fabric bunched up on me. Time to go shopping I guess.

    I suppose I could just get a nice pair of suspenders instead...

  10. I've got the frumpy pants thing going on too.
    My problem is I just spent money on a bunch of pants after getting down from 240 to I've been at 188-190 for two more pants? or spend money on training?

    Ill go frumpy

    frumpy in MN = okay
    frumpy in NY = probably not! haha


  11. there is this thing called a could have the waist nipped in on a pair or two if you like how your current clothes fit in the legs.

  12. Train for an Ironman, most of us gain about 7-10 pounds during the process - problem solved! ;)

  13. Holy crap Jon! You have a 30.5 inch waist!?! You and my son are about the same size:) Ha ha, I just read D's comment about frumpy not being okay in NY:)

    You crack me up with your Gah!!!

    Good luck finding a pair of pants that fits! Remember you can always purchase a is all about how the ass looks anyway:)

  14. Relaxed fit jeans! Love them! Congrats on the weight loss!

  15. I get all kinds of crap at work about all my pants being to loose. Haters!


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