Saturday, July 10, 2010

Where the heck am I and what the heck am I doing tomorrow?

Surprise! I'm taking a mini vacation this weekend that will involve some swimming, biking, and running and future race signupage.

Look @ those clouds!

The finish is just beyond those trees in front of that building

I'll fill you in on the details on Monday. Its gonna be a 2:30 AM wake up call tomorrow AM...

Over and out!


  1. hmmm....can't be IMLP because that is the weekend of the 25th......Are you doing Racine 70.3? I just think that building looks a lot like the Madison, WI capitol building.

    btw, those photos have a blue cast to them and make them look kind of dream-like.

    2:30 AM? For what?

  2. Have a great race wherever you are mystery man!

  3. What the hell Jon? Where are you? I hope everything went well and that you are enjoying yourself:)

  4. Have fun and let us know soon what is up!

  5. Rhode Island for the IM70.3, That picture of what I am guessing is a Court House is in the header of IMRI's website. Guessing ur volunteering, little known fact is that athletes and volunteers can sign up for IMLP after the 70.3. Have a good time man! Oh, and I am also guessing you are volunteering in T1 or something around the swim so you can be done early and be first in line to sign-up!

  6. Have fun - SO! I see volunteering for RI70.3 allows IMLP sign-up. THAT is how you are signing up for IMLP so soon! Got ya! Have a blast!

  7. Wow - great slueth work by Jeff - for a moment I thought you were doing an emergency 70.3 haha

  8. SPOILER ALERT - Jon wrote on my blog on 07/03 -

    Your Green Goblin analogy is spot on. I am basically peaking right now and fortunately IMRI 70.3 is still open. Not gonna waste it! Now can I bounce back in another 5 weeks is the Q.....

  9. of course!!! RI! How did I miss that?

  10. You sneak!
    Nice race, solid finish!
    Can't wait to hear about it!

  11. Just looked at your race stats on the IM site. You are a machine! 3rd HIM this year, way to go!
    Cant wait to hear -

  12. HAHAHA your doing what all responibles triathletes do, volunteer so you can be first in line to regrister for next years race, thanks for volunteering.


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