Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday FAIL!, I mean success

If you aren't a facebook friend of mine, then you didn't read my morning rant. It's a good one:

The pool was closed this morning due to a fire (is that ironic?). So I had the option of using the small pool, which is 20 yards (looks shorter...) and there is an old guy in there in a man-thong swimming. No thanks! So I go home mumbling curse words under my breath and check the mail.

What is in the mail? JURY SUMMONS!

The welcome message is like a big "F-U!" and they know it.

Dear Juror, You have been selected to serve as a juror in _____ County. It is our distinct pleasure to welcome you to service and we hope you will find the experience greatly satisfying and richly rewarding.


Well things turned around by mid morning when I learned that I can postpone the jury duty to a date of my convenience! Good! Cuz if I was there longer than 2 weeks, bye bye well deserved Disney Vacation! Gonna try for a time after the NYC Marathon.

Things looked even better at lunch when I was able to get away for a 16.5 miler on the bike. This was supposed to be a recovery ride, so I took it easy, and still held an 18mph average. SCORE!
Now my 9 mile run tomorrow AM will be the teller of how well I am "recovered".

Success continued into the evening when they reopened the pool. I have been struggling with getting in the swimming since Rhode Island 3 weeks ago. I have no idea, I just have not been able to go! You know when you have been so inconsistent with something and then you realize how much time you have left until the big event and then PANIC! starts to set in? That was me this morning.

I had a "solid" swim tonight and put up some numbers that calmed my fears. I wasn't blazing fast like I was leading up to Rhode Island, but my times are way faster than this time last year. Phew!

I did:
500 WU
5 x 100, went 1:30 or less for each
6 x 200, alternating between slow and fast. The fast all came out @ 3:00 flat for a 1:30 pace.
3 x 100 CD

This swim basically saved the season (mentally)!.....if I can say that. I was FREAKING OUT! that I was losing my swim before my A++++++ race of the season, Timberman.

The ENTIRE point of this season (and I have to constantly remind myself this) is to seek revenge on Timberman.

I have the bike down.

I have the run down.

The swim is coming back.

And the taper tantrums have started!!!!!

.....just bear with me these last 2.5 weeks, ok? :)


  1. Patience Grasshopper! But really I think a little furstration goes a long way in reminding us what we signed up for. You are doing terrific, just remember it WILL all come together! Cheers!

  2. Oh thank the tri gods that you were able to postpone your civil duty until a more convenient time. I'm w/ you on the swimming. I blew off the pool all last wk and have felt sooooo guilty but i shall redeem myself in the morning. Hopefully no fires or old men in tiny speedos!

  3. You are a rock star Jon - really. I have no doubt you are going to meet and exceed all of your goals at this race.

    Lucky for the deferral on the jury duty!

  4. Wow, my monday just started looking alot better after the way yours started!

  5. Loved the Facebook dialogue earlier today. It made my Monday better even if it sucked for you! :)

    Good luck with the taper! You are going to rock it!

  6. Jury Duty ....blahhhhhhhhh

    The thong guy would have made me not swim too.

  7. haha - nice comeback on the day!
    and way to get your swim on !!

  8. Ugh...jury duty just sucks! I had to go a couple months ago and I ended up being there pretty much the entire day! I'm glad you were able to change it!
    Good luck with the taper! With my race on Sunday, I'm just ready for it be here already-ya know!?!

  9. You are going to rock Timberman so no need to worry. You have put in the time and the end result will be grand!

  10. Are you going to have some taper tantrums Jon? I think that you are going to be just me:)

    I postponed my jury duty too...lucky me...when it was my turn to serve again they didn't need me:)

    Nice job on the bike ride Mr. Speedy! Good luck on your 9 mle run today:)

  11. I read the first sentence, then log into facebook, read the rant, read the second sentence on your blog and went "geez i feel dumb"

    You did what I would have done, hopped on the bike, the bike cures all


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