Friday, July 23, 2010

Lake Placid (V)ound

I didn't want to title this post as Lake Placid Bound because it would look like I am either all registered for Lake Placid or going up there to do the race. I am NOT at either of those points yet! So I am Vound for Lake Placid, aka, going up to Lake Placid tonight to Volunteer to get first dibs at registering for Lake Placid 2011.

There will be a lot of time spent sitting on my butt or being horizontal, especially while I am riding and swimming the courses ;)

My plan for the weekend is:
Saturday: Swim the course, eat some food, bike the course, chillax. Beers at the Lake Placid Brewery in PM.
Sunday: Day off from workouts, but volunteering and cheering on folks. Meeting with a prospective coach! My volunteer duty will be in the Men's changing tent during T1. What exactly I will be doing in the tent is an unknown. I will find out that morning. Apparently there is a free volunteer's pancake breakfast that morning. Beers at the Lake Placid Brewery in PM
Monday: Swim the course, eat some food, then run the course 2X for a possible 13.1 miles. Beers at the Lake Placid Brewery in PM.
Tuesday: Possible AM short bike ride. Drive home.

I'll try to report every day and take pictures with my crappy cell phone camera. Have a good weekend everybody and GOOD LUCK! if you are racing.


  1. Have a great time. It's such a beautiful area and the training opportunities there are fantastic. Just waiting until Monday when we see that you've signed up! ; )

  2. Jon, I especially like your inclusion of Lake Placid Brewery each day. That is some dedication Jon! You, my friend, have your priorities in order!

    Have a great time!

  3. I like beers at the Lake Placid Brewery in the PM. Makes it worth the trip ;P

  4. What a weekend - enjoy! LP (H)ound

  5. I see a theme regarding the beers at the Lake Placid Brewery...ha ha! Have a fun time! :)


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