Saturday, July 3, 2010

Deep thoughts on another PR training ride

I just got back. I haven't eaten yet; I haven't stretched yet; I haven't foam rolled yet. I am basically high on endorphins right now....

I am bloated and not hungry. Too much liquid?

I am writing these thoughts down because this ride today basically changed the game and I NEED to vomit this onto paper for reflection.
The nitty gritties:
Distance: 59.19
Ride Time: 2:59:04
Avg Speed: 19.79
Avg Watts: 195
Terrain: Rolly with some hills, AWESOME flats

This entire past week was a beat down. The fact that I pulled this ride off like this after this past week is very meaningful to me. (can I write "this" a few more times?)
Monday: Recovery ride in AM, ass whooping of 2800 yards in the pool in PM
Tues: 10 mile run in 100% humidity, 80 degrees, held 8:43 pace (proud!)
Wed: 30 mile beatdown on bike in AM, further beat down of 2700 yards in pool in PM. Held 1:30-ish pace for most of swim. (proud!)
Thurs: 6 mile recovery run in AM, 19 mile recovery ride in PM
Friday: 1 mile swim in ocean, 3.X mile run, felt great

And I didn't feel recovered from last week's onslaught either. So basically I am trying to tell myself that I beat the ever living shit outa myself this week then pulled off a best ride ever. Jon, you are in a good place! Remember this moment.

Today you were holding 23mph for 12-ish minutes on end for multiple sections of the flats. You were holding 25+ mph for that last 4.5 mile section even going uphill! Tailwind?

You had two guys draft off of you. One told you "I need the motivation".....he thanked you for the pull. You were holding 24mph for that 4 mile section of road.

Later up by the Titicus Resevoir you buzzed by that triathlete who then attached himself as well. You could hear his gears changing constantly behind you before @ the end of the road you dropped him on that hill before you turned left onto June Rd. Never heard him again.

While you were on Titcus Resevoir road you saw "homeboy" riding on his TT bike wearing a very loose fitting gray cutoff tanktop flapping in the wind and a black baseball cap turned backwards. Be thankful he was wearing that gray tanktop in case he goes down. ;) Fucking knucklehead....

How the F did you only average almost 20MPH when you were CONSTANTLY holding 23+ on ALL of those flats! Oh right, Bogtown Road. Amazing how a few hills @ 10mph can basically ruin the overall speed. Oh well, BE PROUD of your speed on the flats. Remember you wanted to change your style of riding this season from an explosive rider to a more long haul on the flats rider? Accomplished!

You are gonna hang the rest of your season on this ride and last week's ride.

Over and out!



    Can I have some of your speed on the bike?! Pretty, pretty please?

  2. Awesome ride and an awesome couple of weeks.

    The legs will be in a constant state of sore. That is a good thing.

    The feeling you are having I like to call “green goblin like” – you know from Spiderman. It is where you just fell stronger and stronger – like you can do anything. Be careful, it is addictive and unfortunately it won’t last. But you can get it back later.

    Good job!!!

  3. Great job Jon!! Don't you love dropping other cyclists (the one's you don't know)?it's so much fun and keeps your momentum high.

  4. NICE ride and great training week...way to go. Super impressed with your speed avg's..

  5. Congratulations on a great ride and super week of training!

  6. sounds like you had a great training week! Hooray for an awesome ride! Your average speed is awesome! :)

  7. WOW! Awesome ride! I wish I had some of your speed!! Keep it up!

  8. What a week! I can understand why this was such a turnaround ride for you! Keep up this awesome work!

  9. Hi little bro,
    Holy cow, you are getting some crazy workouts in! Excellent job on your ride and even better on that 10 mile run! You are making me proud:) Keep it up and good things will come your way!

  10. Nice Ride! So Are you planning on doing Rhode Island? If so See you there but based on your times I probably wont see you as I will be trailing big time.


    " You could hear his gears changing constantly behind you before @ the end of the road you dropped him on that hill before you turned left onto June Rd. Never heard him again."

    Translation, his 15 was too much for him to push so he can stay on your wheel, and his 18 caused him to lose your wheel, he wish he had a magical 16 and half cog because he didnt have the legs to push the 15 and the 18 made him too slow.


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