Monday, July 19, 2010

This is gonna be a loaded post

A lot goes on when you haven't posted in almost 4 days. I was on a rest week all last week and when there is not much going on workout wise, blogging kinda slows down with it. Things will be picking up as I head into a 3 week build towards Timberman. Am I already approaching the last triathlon of the season?

So here goes:

Contest Winner:
I am a winner! Mandy @ Caratunk Girl hosted a giveaway; she gave away some SUPER yummy Pickles-N-Things Apple Pie Jam. Its soooooooooo GOOD! Thanks Mandy! If you don't already follow Mandy, she is a Maine-iac who is doing her first Half Ironman in August @ Timberman (I'll see ya there!)) and will be volunteering up in Lake Placid this weekend (see ya there!) to get dibs for signing up for Lake Placid 2011.

Workouts from Thurs till Today:
Thurs PM: Nice and easy bike ride. It was a nice night to be out riding and I basically strolled along on the road bike. No worries about pace, speed, power, etc. Just riiiiiiiiide. Everybody has been using the term "swimming naked" or "running naked." I guess I was riding naked.
Friday: 4 mile run in the swampy weather. My running partner almost passed out from the yuckiness. Seriously, I have had my share of the mashed potato fumidity.
Saturday: 20 min TT test. Held 23.4 mph average and 265 watt avg. I did this same test in the same exact spot EXACTLY 6 months to the day earlier and held a 22.XX avg speed and 230 watts. I am going to take this as an improvement! 13%!!!!....I guess that's what happens when you ride 13% more miles than the previous year?
Sunday: 8 mile botched run. I'll keep this simple and to the point. DON'T eat a black bean burger on Saturday, expecting to have a decent run on Sunday. I had 7 excellent miles, the 8th was.......oh I think you get the point;) happens.
This morning: Used my data collected from my TT test on Saturday and compared that to my last 3 long rides including Rhode Island, and my new magic FTP number is 240. This brings me to a new target wattage of 190 @ Timberman. I tried my darndest this morning to hold between 180 and 200 watts. I felt smooth and in control. Just gotta practice more and more staying within that new range.

All of you racers!
This was a BIG race weekend for a lot of you. Some of you had big PR's, and one of you accomplished a big new distance milestone. Here is the roll call:
Kevin @ Ironman By Thirty dropkicked a top 10% finish @ The Tri Del Sol
Regina @ Chiu On This repeated the NYC Triathlon and chainsawed off a remarkable 23 mins from last year's time. Uh, where can I find your special "juice"?!?!? Nevermind, all of that HIM training REALLY paid off!!!!
Maria @ 2010 Brings Racine hit a MAJOR milestone and finished her first Half Ironman, Ironman Racine 70.3. She broke 7 hours!!! Way to go! I guess you will need to change the name of your blog. haha!
James @ Daily Trainings placed in the top 15 of his age group at his sprint triathlon, The MightyMite Race. Nice job!!! Your transitions are FAST!

Did I miss anyone? Maybe you haven't posted a race report yet? Lemme know and I will add you. Great job if you did race!

And looking forward. I am heading up to Lake Placid this weekend to volunteer for THE Ironman. I am also signing up for Lake Placid 2011 this time. YES I AM!!! BRING IT IRONMAN!!!!

Also, I wanted to give a quick shoutout to a new blogger that I have been following. Alexa @ Just Keep Swimming will be doing her first full Ironman this weekend up @ Lake Placid. Swing by her blog and give her some props for this weekend. Good luck Alexa!


  1. Thanks for the shout out! It was a good day.

    Have fun in LP. I think volunteering would be a lot of fun. I almost did it this year, but couldn't saddle my hubby with our son for two weekends in a row.

  2. I am hating the heat also but I also hate the cold. I guess the weather just can't please me.

    Congrats to all who raced this past weekend!

  3. Thanks for the shout out :)

    Swimming naked and running naked I get. But biking naked?? That has to lead to some serious chafing issues :-P

    It sounds like you had a good rest week. You are going to rock Timberman with your mad bike skills!

    I'm excited to hear about your volunteering experience at LP. I haven't signed up yet, but and planning on volunteering at IM WI.

  4. Hey thanks for the shout out!! Glad you liked the stuff. I want to try her blueberry pie one really badly!!

    Looking forward to seeing you this weekend when I tie you up and force you to sign up for IMLP 2011! :) You will have to do the same to me as I am a little freaked out about signing up for it all of a sudden.

  5. Hey Jon - tell us about your experience with your power meter. I have been wanting to get one for some time.

    Those 20 min TT's are one of the toughest workouts that I know of! Congrats on the improvement. Was your power level throughout the TT? OR did you build or drop off?

  6. Jon - Incredible gains on your TT! All the TITS is really paying off because you have become a beast on the bike! So need to get a PT b/c the data is just so useful.

  7. Thanks for the "Holla" It was a fun race! Sometimes I wish there was a race where all the bloggers I knew could get together! Congrats on being the contest winner and the great training!

  8. Have fun at IMLP! training break? ride the course? whatcha gonna do?

  9. Nice job on the TT test! You are super speedy! Have fun at IMLP!

  10. Great job with the TT! :) And congrats for finally deciding to sign up for Placid... now just do it! :)

  11. Just found your blog and have enjoyed it so far and added it to my google reader.

    My husband and I did Timberman last year and are doing Steelhead this year.

    I am thinking about Lake Placid 2012, so I will be interested in following your journey to LP2011.

    Your thoughts about not just doing an IM to do it, but being prepared and strong are VERY similar to the way I feel.

    Good Luck at Tman, that race was so very well run last year that we almost decided to race it again this year.


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