Monday, November 10, 2008

a good ride and an 80's style run

Saturday morning I went out and did a 34 mile loop. The first half I felt like crap and wasn't sure how this was going to pan out, as I haven't done this distance in months. By the 2nd half, my climbing legs finally kicked in and I started flying.

This was also my first ride in a LONG time where I was riding with a computer that told me how fast I was going and at what cadence I was spinning at. Its cool to see that I can maintain a cool 20 mph on the flats, and can get up to 28 mph on the flats when pushing it at or around my AT/LT. :)

As for cadence, spinning at 100 RPM is really not that hard and I was naturally doing that. Yay!

Here is the elevation profile:

And then yesterday I was up in a hotel in Massachuesets where their gym had these old 1980's style treadmills. They had a sign that said "dont go over 6 mph". Was this because the thing was so old that it would break over 6MPH or its too loud? I had the place to myself so I went over 6 MPH. The thing held up, but it got boring afterwhile since I was staring at a wall for 30 mins. I'm looking forward to getting back outside.


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