Thursday, November 6, 2008

a constructive swim and a day off

Last night I went to the pool and put in a solid 1300 yards in under 40 mins, all drills. I basically redid my swim class from Monday night. Basically I was trying to get rid of that wonky S shaped wild swing that I do with my right arm stroke. I need to rotate more when catching and pulling with my left arm to set up my right arm. If my body is too flat before my right arm, I will do the wild swing thing. Also, I need to widen the entry of my right arm more. I had some luck, and when I wasn't paying attention, I would go back to bad habits. I think I am figuring out how to nip this technique error.

I am taking today completely off. My knees have been bugging me, especially during some kicking drills last night. Also I am noticing it while climbing stairs. I think a day off will not only strengthen me, but will help the joints heal a bit.


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