Sunday, November 23, 2008

coooooold ride!

it was freaking cold this morning....sub 30, which isnt bad for running, but for biking it is so cold because of the wind factor. 3 miles out of the gate i couldn't feel my fingers, and once the feeling started to return, they started to burn like nothing else! finally they settled back to normal and I was good to go from there. Man that burned!

We only did about 26 miles in an hour and 50 mins, so we were averaging like 14.5 miles/hour, and we are both fast riders. It was just so freaking cold!

I actually used my time trial bike for the first time in about 2 months because my road bike is in the shop getting a new headset. The headset on that bike kept freezing up, and when they opened it up yesterday the bearing cage completely dissolved! Yikes!

But it was good to be back on the TT bike...I felt totally comfy on it and riding the 25 miles didn't hurt even though I was not in the TT position for 99% of the ride. I did get onto a flat section where I was booking a constant 25-26 mph average. I like that!


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