Saturday, March 29, 2008

took a tumble today

I went down today. Not hard, but I stil went down.....GGGGRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!

I hit tiny pothole, my wheel lost traction and I went down onto my right, fortunately into a bed of leaves on the side of the road. Once that initial numbness went away, fortunately I didnt feel anything that hurt that bad besides my right knee and my left wrist. I was only going around 10 Mph, slightly uphill.

My bike on the other hand, seemed fine until I got it back onto the road. Only the front tire is messed up. I had to completly loosen up the front brake and bend it to the side to allow the wobble of the wheel clear the brake.

Fortunately I went down around 3 miles from home, so I was able to limp the bike back. If the wheel was fine, I was considering just going for it and doing the entire ride. However, when I got back I felt my right shoulder ache. It, like my right knee has a little road rash.

So the front wheel is up @ the shop getting fixed and I am about to hit a bath filled with epsom salt.

Such a freaking stupid fall. I have been by that tiny little pothole a dozen times.

I am calling myself officially beat up. I have a lingering pain in my left knee, a really tight (possibly torn) right calf muscle, a bruise and rash just above my right knee, my right shoulder has the same thing, and my left wrist is a bit sore.

I am gonna try to get out tomorrow, but for like 20 miles or thereabouts.

Its too early in the season for all of this to happen. I gotta take it easy. I still have over a month before the next race.

Stupid pavement....


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