Tuesday, March 4, 2008

ran tonight

talk about mental garbage tonight. I was blowing my nose all day today thinking I am getting sick. Who knows yet...

But, tonight I was like, I'm gonna workout, no im not, yes i am, no im not. HTFU!!!!! I love that phrase. Its my new favorite. I mean, 40 mins(with only 28 of them running) on the dreadmill outa a day that has 1,440 mins in it, i think i can spare a few and whip my ass into shape.

I looked at a schedule and caught the reality that there is not too much time left until the duathlon on march 22nd. I mean, i ONLY just started running 28 mins solid tonight. I need to do this twice, with a 14 mile bike ride in the middle, all at race pace. YIKES!

I basically have the next two weeks to go into boot camp mode and really get some work done so that I feel confident enough for that race. Sooo, i made up a schedule that I HAVE to follow. Including actually waking my ass up tomarrow AM to swim.

Nuff said, gotta follow the plan.


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