Monday, March 17, 2008

a real run/bike/run

got outside today to do the race distance for next weekend. I really killed myself, but I did it and I know I can do the race with confidence. As for my times:

Run 1: 00:27:30
T1: 00:29:30
Bike: 01:23:20
T2: 01:25:00
Run2: 01:53:30 (I think....gotta get the final # from the HRM to verify)

As for the first run, it started up a slight hill, so I wasn't sure how I was going to feel. Fortunately it then went down a screaming downhill which was great. Effortless running! From this point on I just went into machine mode and did the run, which felt normal. The run took me a surprisingly fast 27:30 (which I am VERY happy about!)

Then I got onto the bike. It took me 2 mins to transition from my running shoes to my biking shoes and helmet and get the bike outa the car. I think this will be faster during the race cuz I wont need to get the bike outa the car. Also, I am thinking of just biking in my running shoes, which will save me a LOT of time. I guess cuz the race is so short, a 2 min transition is too dang long. I have cages for the the bike already.

The bike was the easiest part of the workout. It was strange @ first because I felt like I was stuck in first or second gear. My legs just didnt want to get up into 4th or 5th gear. Eventually they did after that screaming downhill. The part that sucked the most about the biking was this slight uphill/long section with one of those stupid headwinds that isnt too severe, but just enough to slow you down and make you work harder than needed. After 5 laps I was happy to be done with that stupid section. Although I did have to run it.

The transition from bike to run was quicker. 00:01:40. Of course this will be quicker cuz I will just need to hang the bike up, and hopefully no switching shoes. Just take the helmet, sun glasses and gloves off (though I think i will take the gloves off during the run).

The last run was the hardest. My ass felt like a ton of bricks and the back of my legs were burning (and never did stop burning). I wasnt sure how long I was gonna go before walking until I hit that downhill again, which was a HUGE relief. That downhill basically saved me!

Kept running until I hit this small uphill. I almost made it to the top when my body just started walking. It was needed. I only walked for about 30 secs, but it was enough to let me go for awhile, maybe 10 mins. So then after 10 mins, I walked again for a bit. Then I said that is enough walking, and finished in about 01:53: and change. Gotta check out that final number.

I liked my finishing time. I know it will be faster (unless the race course is really hilly) because I wont have to get my bike into or out of a car. Also I am thinking of using cages on to the bike with running shoes. Finally, I did an extra mile on the bike, cuz 3 * 5 is 15, whereas the biking leg in the race is only 14 miles. So that should shave off another 3 mins. Maybe shoot for around a 01:45:00 or more during the race?


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