Wednesday, March 12, 2008


So I ran 30 mins, biked 20 mins, then ran for 15 mins. I definately felt the last run, but felt astonishingly good throughout the entire workout.

I am getting into panic mode looking at how much time is left and how freaking busy I am going to be from now until the actual race. Something like this happened last summer when I was trying to get my mileage up for a 100 mile ride. Either I was too busy with family or the weather was crap, I felt like I just wasn't ready for the ride. When it came time for the ride, I did it no problem. Hopefully it will be the same thing again this time around. I might have to take off a day next week to actually get outside and run/bike/run a 3/14/3 mile workout just to say that I have done the race in distance, no speed.


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