Monday, March 24, 2008

split time results have been posted

I did better than what watch result. Came in 66th overall (between males and females) with a time of 01:47:02. It is confirmed that I did a personal record of 26:57 on the first run, or an 8:42/mile pace. The biking is also confirmed where I shined. I did 42nd/104th with a time of 48:53 or 3:30/mile. I KNOW I can do better with that, just need to bike more, plus the aero position will decrease that time/mile even more. The 2nd run, however, was crap (but I didnt stop!)....that came out with a time of 31:11 or a little more than 10 mins/mile.

I can't wait for improvement over the next 5 weeks!


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