Sunday, March 9, 2008

ran outside!

Finally, it was nice enough (and I had time) to outdoors today. My theory of indoor vs outdoor running is true. Running on the dreadmill is too dang easy. The multiple elements of running outdoors makes the running itself much more challenging. Today was also a great test. It was 40 degrees out, somewhat windy (though I was excepting more) and sunny. I now know what I need to dress for for this type of weather. I started out with my long sleeve gloves and headband that also covers my ears; they were stripped off during the run.

My left knee is still bothering me, and hurts more if I run uphill. I am thinking ice.

I ran 3 miles, took 30 mins, 25 secs. Not bad for the first time outside with hills.

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  1. I'm really proud you are going to do this. I could never do it.

    Just remember you have to let your body rest and recover every now and then. So don't over train as you could get some stress induced injuries. So take a few days off.

    Best of luck in the race. Keep in touch! I'll be reading this every day.



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