Monday, January 7, 2008

warm weekend in january

I actually got out twice on the bike this past weekend. As long as its 40+ outside (wind permitting) I can go outside; I need to bundle up, but I can get out @ least.

On saturday I did a short ride considering its been forever since I was out on the bike. I did my usual loop minus the 2nd half. I could feel it by the end but wanted to save my legs for sunday which was the warmer of the two days.

So on Sunday I did my usual 20 mile loop with the steep hill @ the end. I am now calling this "Beemer Hill" because I always see a BMW on this one mile hill. I guess looking out for a BMW is just a way to keep my mind preoccupied from the constract cry that my legs give out while climbing this hill.

My legs overall felt great and didnt really feel any pain or soreness today. Hopefully the weather will hold out for a few more days and I can get out for some longer rides.


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