Friday, January 25, 2008

2nd swim

I last about 20+ mins tonight. Seems that even if I try to take it easy from the start that my breathing will still get going pretty well and my arms will wear out, but what is strange (and I noticed this the other night) is that after about 20 or so laps that things start to even out and I feel like that I can continue on...i guess that means that I am warmed up. I didn't want to go any further because tomarrow I am going snowboard (anyone up for a squats workout?!?!) and I am hoping to continue swimming first thing sunday AM. All I know is that I am gonna be sore tomarrow night.

I think I might just take sunday off for not only a mental rest but mostly a physical rest. Prolly what I should do is get the swim in, hit up the last bit of the run for week 3 and take monday off.

Who knows, lets see how we shall see.


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