Tuesday, January 22, 2008

starting week 3 on coolrunning.com

I started week 3 on coolrunning.com, nothing special other than my upper right ankle is flaring up again. It doesn't hurt that much while running, just when I stop. I still haven't found my max heart rate yet...gotta find time to do it. Also, I was on my way to the Y but got side tracked and went to eat Indian food instead for lunch...i gotta show some more restraint and learn how to say no...but then again, eating Indian food is not exactly the worst thing for you.

I am going to "try" to sleep with the heart rate monitor on tonight and get my resting heart rate. The monitor only gives you your max and average, so hopefully over 7 hour span the average will kill off the highs of going to bed and waking up. Again, not accurate, but an approximation. At least I can record this data and check to see improvement if that number declines (which I hope it will)


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