Wednesday, January 30, 2008

finshed week 3....and snowboarding

I went snowboarding last saturday. Snow was great. I used my Prior 162 Slalom board. I was able to pick up where I ended when I was in high school, of course I will never be that good again unless I ride 6 days a week again. Those were the days!

But my thighs started to hurt as expected. Feel the burn! It was a good burn. I didn't try to kill myself because I remember that my right knee will start to hurt from the twisting of the board on the chair lift. Overall it was a great day.

Tonight I did the usual 40 mins on the bike and I finished week 3.3 of The run was easy and I was actually a little board. Now the running will start to increase dramatically throught the program, so its going to only get harder to stay concentrated.

But as for the biking, I noticed a difference tonight; I was riding @ my normal tempo but I had a hard time keeping my heart rate % above the low 60%'s. Does that mean that my heart is already conditioned better? Maybe the two days of rest that I took helped let my heart catch up and readjust itself to the intensity that I am putting it through. There is only one way to find out and that is to get my resting heart rate. Of course I won't be able to tell for a few weeks, but if I do a reading tonight, and another this time next week and the same time for a weeks after tonight, I am expecting the data to show that my resting heart rate will fall, resulting in a more conditioned heart meaning that I am getting into shape!!! Of course that that is the case, but its cool to see some data back that up.

Yes I am a nerd sometimes :)


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