Saturday, January 19, 2008

heart rate monitor 2.0

Used the monitor again tonight. I did 40 mins @ ~65% of my max heart rate on the stationary @ a constant pace then I did the part 3 of my week 2 couch to 5K plan. Its definately time to move onto next week. I almost went ahead but good thing I stayed right ankle is being stupid. Just feels tight. I have noticed that comes and goes.

As for the monitor, it is not spitting our graphs in the way that I hoped it would. However, I am realizing that spending $106 on a monitor will get you a good monitor, but nothing incredibly special like actually spitting out a detailed line graph. I think I may have to spend $300 for one of those. Maybe next season.

My monitor, the Polar F6, does give enough info for me for now. It gives me the constant %rate and when I upload the info to, i can see in a more laid out plan that my average for tonight was 66% (exactly what I was shooting for) and that I hit a max of 90%, which I really don't think is correct. I think this is incorrect because I am going off of default settings based off my age, weight, height input. I REALLY need to get out there and sprint till I die to get my max heart rate, input that in and get some more exact numbers.

It also did say that I burned 702 calories, which again could just be an approximation. I am not in any way banking anything on the calorie number.

I also picked up Sally Edwards Cycling Heart Rate book, which contains some info that I already know, but there is some new stuff in there that is interesting.

Till next time.


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