Thursday, January 3, 2008

its REALLY been awhile

As this blog basically died, so did the workouts along with it....i have noticed a trend:

The more motivated I am, the more I work out.
The more I work out the more I will blog about it.
The more I blog about it means that my condition is improving.

So I see that the last entry was October 9th....3 months off thereabouts. I have no regrets. I see that as a healthy time to not only let my body take a breath, but mostly my mind. When I start to dread working out, I know its time to quit for awhile. Plus it gives me more time to get mad at myself for slacking off and gives me motivation to start up again but more disciplined.

So the hiatus is over, and now its time to start the season new.

Tonight was on the bike @ the easiest setting for 20 mins and on the dreadmill for 30 mins of walk and run. Oh, its back to the couch to 5K program again. I am starting on week 2 this time cuz week one is too much of a walk in the park. Believe it or not in 8 weeks it will already be the beginning of march and hopefully by then I will be running 3 miles again and I can take it outside before the dreadmill kills all of my motivation for wanting to work out. We will deal with that when that time comes I guess.

Im still not swimming. I need to get to the Y ASAP. Its right next door! No excuses are valid. I have just been lazy.

Because this is the beginning of the season, my usual mentality is to get super motivated and go crazy right outa the start gate. I need to tell myself that it really is "OK!" to not have to work out 5 days a week right @ the beginning. In fact not doing that will keep my motivation longer through out the season and I wont injure myself.

So hears to a new season, and to cutting back on the beer. Oh I love it, but its gotta go for awhile.

I bought a scale before christmas. In the morning when I wake up and do my usualy morning business, I have been coming in @ around 170. Im 5" 6"....I think I am very healthy looking. Imagine if I dropped 10 pounds. I would be riding up a hill @ 160 pounds. Then I add a 10 pound weight to my bike. Thats what it was like riding last summer @ 170. Then I take the 10 pound weight off. I wonder how fast Im gonna accelerate? Wow, thats gonna be cool if I can make that a reality.

Anyways, to a new season!


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