Wednesday, January 30, 2008

swimming week 2

What an improvement over last week! I could just go and go tonight. What I did was go 4 laps, rest, and repeat. I ended up with 44 laps or 3300 feet or .625 miles of swimming. I guess I just wanted to really piss off my arm swimming muscles. My kicking still sucks and I feel that I need to do some kickboard drills. I mean, my kicking REALLY sucks. I guess its sorta a good thing in that it helps my arms get stronger, but I really should not be reinforcing bad habits. Off to sports authority I go...

I finally got my resting heart rate last night. I fell asleep for 3.5 hours before I woke up for whatever reason. My average was 56BPM and I will call that my resting heart rate. I still need to test it again because 3.5 hours wasn't exactly the greatest amount of sleep. I'd rather use 8 straight hours to even out the high's and have the average be more of a low.

Tomarrow AM I am starting week 4 of


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