Tuesday, January 8, 2008

a little too warm today actually

The weatherman was correct today, it was in fact in the low 60's with sunshine, and oh what a wonderful day it was. Muddy @ times, but glorious!

Actually this is the kinda weather where you can't tell how much clothing you will need. This is because when you are out in the open sun you feel warm wearing a short sleave with maybe arm tights. But as soon as you head down hill into a shaded corner you freeze to death. I took the benefit of the doubt and wore too much, but in such a way that I can adjust it while riding.

Here is my route for today.

Not super long, but it has enough hills in it to make a bit more challenging of a 23.5 mile route. I definately felt my legs today after a few of those hills. In fact by the end of the ride I could feel the lower left side of my back was pretty sore from the climbing. At least thats a sign that I did some damage today. Slow progress is @ least progress.

I have done this ride a few times but have always been intimidated by the ride just because of the number of hills in it. They aren't bad when singled out, but after one after the other adds up, it does a number on your legs. But I now deem this ride to be a great hill ride. Plus, the roads on this ride are usually in good condition with little traffice and plenty of opportunities to extend the ride.

Not sure when I will get back outside. I am dreading that the work that I put in this past weekend and today might be for nothing if I can't stay outside on a consistent basis. Riding indoors on a stationary doesn't quite keep the conditioning up that get from the outside.

Pray for warmer days....in January....right....


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