Monday, September 27, 2010

Oh, some more random. Random is fun, right?

  • I originally wrote this post last Thursday night and set it to autopublish Friday @ 8AM
  • After I hit the publish button, I actually said to myself "hope you don't get injured and have to change your Friday morning post! What are the chances!"
  • I totally jinxed myself....
  • I should go buy a lottery ticket
  • I feel like a struggling comedian right now. I am totally lacking material for this blog because I am basically on off-season auto-pilot right now: I work out short and easy. And reporting on injuries is depressing.
  • I LOOOOOOVVVVVVVE comments on this blog :)
  • I am finding that the posts that get the most # of comments are usually ones that involve beer. Why is that? ;)
  • why is it that napkins feel so soft on your mouth, but freaking hurt to blow your nose into?
  • AND why is it that tissue is so soft on your nose, but is freaking rough to wipe your face?
  • Have you ever heard of SRAM wheels? I thought they just made bicycle components, but look @ the freaking prices of those s60 and s80 wheels?!?! They are almost 50% off of ZIPP! And yet they own ZIPP? Sorry folks, they DONT have dimples ;)
  • I think the SRAM wheels are prettier than ZIPPS. Just look at these babies!

  • You know you will buy a pair of deep dish aero wheels just for the looks and to look cool and to look like you "belong" right? ;)
  • I am still NOT convinced they are worth the cost...
  • I finally got professionally fitted on my new road bike that I bought last March. Ouch. No, I am mean literally ouch; it freaking hurt to ride that thing for so long with a bad fit (done by me).
  • Don't hire me to fit you on a bike.
  • I barely have ridden that bike this year....this has changed dramatically over the past week! My P2 is up for the winter.
  • My diet has shed all bread over the past year
  • I only eat flour tortillas as my source of bread product...
  • For some reason I want to go gluten free. I have NO idea why! Anti-Inflammatory?
  • I have stopped drinking milk. I think it breaks my skin out.
  • Why do restaurants (or people) serve beer in a frosted glass? Do you like Beer-Cubes? Refer to my last post for details on why you should NOT do this. If you are guilty, swiftly smack yourself, please.
  • Are you a fan of Conan? If you aren't, just watch this:

  • I think Conan is a comedic genius and NBC should just go F*&@ itself. Sorry NBC, but NOT sorry to Leno, but Conan is going to change late night and is waaaaaaaaay funnier. I do like Jimmy Kimmel.

Finally! I gotta plug our new blog, 201Ironman, again. It is really taking off! I thank you for joining or following if you already have! We are getting a lot of great folks, including a coach and a Kona qualifier who is competing in 2 weeks! If you are doing an Ironman distance (140.6) next year, stop on by and join us! Once joined up, make your "My Story" post and let's get this 140.6 mile part-A started!!!

If you aren't doing an Ironman next year, STILL stop by and become a follower! If you are considering doing the Big Kahuna distance one day, you might learn a lot by following, and I will tell you now, everyone who has joined has been only doing Triathlon since 2007 or sooner. You can do this too!


  1. It's encouraging to remember that there are people out there as random as myself. Great post! :)
    Don't blame you on the gluten free...I've been contemplating it myself.
    Yay Conan!

  2. Have you looked at Planet X wheels? They are half the cost of SRAM wheels. I am with you, I think it is not logical to drop $2500 on zipps for being an age grouper, but $600 for a set of 50mm is more like it and $800 for 82/101 mm is heck of a lot better then $3000+ for Zipps. I think they are a new company that is trying to get into the wheel market, I feel in 5 years they will be as much as Zipps and you can probably sell the old set for a profit. Just my own opinion. Jeff and I have talked about these wheels in depth in the past.

  3. Love the wheels not the price yet! Love beer!!!! I can't stay up late enough to watch any of the late night talk shows so I guess I am a loser. Have a great week riding your road bike!

  4. That was super random. I need to get a bike fit too. I don't think my self-fit is going so well right now.

  5. Once the wheel talk begins I just zone out!!! BDD already covered the Planet X Carbons -- they are nice and cheap!

    Check out Flashpoint also - they are made by Zipps too. Not sure if they have dimples or not?

    I've decided to do the for IMTX. Going to run and 808 front and a rear disk. Decided to sign up for the LoneStar IM70.3 in April and will test out that setup then! Oh, I'll email you later but going to try and workout the new TT details today!!

  6. My take on wheels: Ignorance is bliss (and cheaper) :)

    But now BDD and Jeff have me Googling Planet X and Flashpoint. Thanks guys...

    Hope that this comment made you happy!

  7. Random random.. good stuff. Gotta keep us hanging on through the off season! ha fear not we are bored too and have not a whole lot to say ourselves! ha ha

    Jeff... excited to see how IMTX goes. My parents live in teh woodlands... maybe some day I'll hit that race. Though it would mean a lot of trainer rides for this new englander. (ugh.. I'm not really a new englander) ... anyway.

    See.. bored.. rambling on other peoples blogs now!

  8. Everytime I read random stuff like this it makes me feel like I know nothing about bikes...which I dont.

  9. I love random. The random crap is the best.
    Yes. Go buy a lotto ticket.

  10. Um, fast looking wheels totally make you feel good and when you feel good, you race better. That's why I have them! :) We have Flashpoints - owned by Zipp but a graction of the price. I love the SRAM ones though...

  11. Hey little bro,
    I just happen to love random! This post made me smile...I can just see the wheels turning in your head! I think it is awesome that you started a super cool...super stud blog! I just might have to become a follower...I could be everyone's cheerleader:)

  12. My race wheels are Zipps. I considered Reynolds, HED, and many others but wanted the extra spokes available in the Clydesdales.

    I do believe that race wheelsmake you "feel" faster. Might be just a mind game but I'll take anything I can get.

  13. I like the random stuff too!
    Wow...I can't believe you don't eat bread! I LOVE bread products and I can't imagine not eating them!

  14. Beer posts are great because we all love beer. I think I will have to do a mead and beer post soon and test your theory. I will see if anyone posts comments.



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