Thursday, September 23, 2010

For Sale: Aero Cockpit

Trying to purge my tiny apartment of stuff that I don't use or need anymore.

I am Selling an entire aero cockpit ($150), which include:
  • Profile Design Carbon Stryke Aerobars
  • Shimano DuraAce Bar end shifters, compatible with 9 speed & 8 speed
  • Bontrager Race Bullhorn
  • Oval Concept Brake levers
  • Profile Design F-19 Arm rest kit with bar attachments
  • Shipping included!

Everything bought together new and used for 2 seasons.

This is perfect if you have a road bike and you want to upgrade to a pure TT setup. Email me if you are interested or have any Q's!


  1. That's a great deal Jon. Wish I had a need for it - always a sucker for a bargain!

  2. So tempting!!! :)

    It sounds like a great deal though. What did you use these for? Before you got the P2?

  3. can I get it in hot pink?? (JK)

    Great idea to "purge" and make a little extra $$ while at it :)
    You might want to check out and list it there too if it does not get snatched up right away!


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