Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Let's go with Random this morning

So it has been exactly 4 weeks since Timberman and I have settled into the Off Season life. My life has become unstructured and random:

My diet:
  • 4 Cider Donuts at the Orchard this past weekend? I could have and should have eaten more!
  • EDIT: Kevin @ IronmanByThirty mentioned to me that there is the Le Tour de Donut up in Michigan....aka a 30 mile bike race where for every donut eaten, 3 mins is deducted from your time! No pukie awards allowed or else a greasy DQ. Road trip anyone?!?!?
  • I am eating at least 1 slice of Apple Pie each day, but mostly I am eating two slices a day. You know, to keep the weight off?
  • I still eat a ton of fruit
  • I made some rice, egg, bacon and cheese bars. They were disgustingly bland! #FAIL
Working out:
  • If you look to the top left of my blog, you can see my daily workout schedule. It has been tough!
  • My FTP is increasing daily, as is my beer consumption.
  • I have the dolphin kicking technique down. Kicking on your back is HARD. Did you know you have muscles in your back? ;)
  • I have had 2 recent runs with ZERO foot pain before, during, or after.
  • I ran 4 miles yesterday, the most in 3 weeks. #SCORE
  • I think bad shoes slowed the healing process #THROWNBADSHOESINGARBAGE
  • On the bike, I am reconning new roads this fall for next year. I am planning on previewing some road this weekend that has like an 8 mile slow downhill. #SWEET!
Other random things:
This is a great post about "Open-Water Mixed Martial Arts." YOU have most likely been a participant this year.

Finally, If you are doing an Ironman distance race next year, stop by the new blog 201Ironman and join us! If you tried sending Kevin an email and it got bounced back, try again. He fixed his email link! Thanks to all of you new followers of the site!


  1. I love that as I entered my "off season" as well, I have had ice cream 2 times a day so far, tons of beer, and burgers & fries for dinner every night.

    I give myself a week before I balloon up.

    Keep up the "structured" training :)

  2. hahaha I love the "upcoming workouts" :) I need to join the 201Ironman blog if I can only figure out how to do it!

  3. Yuummmm. Cider doughnuts. That will be my first pit stop after my last race this weekend!! Glad the relative rest is going well!

  4. I have never heard of cider donuts. I assume they are good?!

  5. Cider donuts are the best!!!

    In fact, I am debating between a 20 mile training run on Saturday or the annual Le Tour de Donut (http://www.klackleorchards.com/orchard/tour_de_donut.html). Yes, that is right, a bike race that encourages and rewards you for donut eating. 3 minutes off your total time for each donut consumed.

  6. Oh my goodness I love it! I'm so glad that you are enjoying your off season. And the donut race sounds fabulous! I could eat donuts all day every day!

  7. Ha ha..I love the "workouts" you listed. Those are hard core! :)

  8. I had a Jim Dandy from Friendlys, though I want donuts now!!!! and apple pie!!!!

    I read Chuckies article too, great stuff

  9. Just sent you a link for the Brooklyn bike to beer thin...just as good as donuts in my opinion.

  10. I am eating like a pig...happy you have no foot pain!!

    I love apple pie.

    AND I read taht Chuckie V post, it it was awesome.

  11. The Workouts are the best!! You had me laughing!! I ate a cheesburger today and almost threw up...ugh. I need to learn how to eat this stuff again!!!

  12. There's fruit in pie, healthy in my book! Love the offseason approach. Once my post-IM illness feeling fades I'll gradually increase my carbs through beer. Excellent idea.

  13. LOL@ your w/o schedule!! haha
    rice egg bacvon cheese bars?!?!?
    good work on the fruit...a area I need work on:)

  14. oh my, are you me right now? Food, wine, chocolate, repeat.


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