Monday, September 13, 2010

The Beer Poll. Votes needed!!!

Since the NYC Marathon attempt has been scrubbed and the next race that I am officially paid and signed up for isn't until July 2011, that means it is officially the......*drum roll please*


Which means that it is beer brewing season!!!! :)

If you notice on the right side of my blog, there is the "About Me" section, which says something along the lines of "My Name is Jon, blippity blappity blah blah blah blah....BEER BREWING!!!"

Before my days of triathlon I spent a solid year getting into brewing beer. Triathlon and beer brewing are VERY similar in certain aspects. Heck, drinking beer and triathlon have a lot in common!

  • Both hobbies require an obscene amount of gear.
  • You start out with beginner gear
  • You can upgrade your gear many different times to better and better stuff.
  • They both require large of amounts of info and it is overwhelming at first
  • Both require large amounts of maltodextrin.
  • They have a symbiotic relationship.

I haven't brewed in probably over 6 months. I am feeling a bit rusty and I don't know what to brew!

Do you have any ideas of what to brew? (gonna go pretty generic here...will go more specific later)

Wheat Beer
Belgian Beer
German Beer
American Ale
British Beer

I posted a poll on the right side above the "About Me" section. Vote for your favorite kind of beer out of the selection. I'll try to brew up a batch that matches the highest number of votes. Then I will chronicle the brewing process in case some of you are curious about the beer brewing process. Just gonna do an extract for now as the all grain method is pretty complex and takes a LOT more time. And unfortunately I can't lager as that requires an extra refridgerator


  1. Man, I am a sucker for a nice wheat beer. But I am going to vote for a Belgian. Had a micro brew that was to die for.


  2. This is the best post ever. Running and it!

    My vote is Belgian!

  3. p.s Happy OFF season ~ woot woot!

  4. Happy Off Season! Did the short run this morning not go well with the foot? Hope all is well!

  5. Yummy! I love beer! So I will go with the German beer!

  6. Jason, Run this AM went well. NO pain!!! Not gonna count my chickens yet...

  7. Off season is the best! Sounds like you will make the most of it!

  8. I only drink the "root" kind. Sorry, no help here.

    Have a blast though!!

  9. AMERICAN ALE....then are ya gonna share?

  10. I often joke – I am a member of the running club and the beer club. The only difference is that beer club doesn’t run.

  11. IPA! IPA! nothing finished up a long run or bike with a nice cold, hoppy IPA. On that note...I'm rather thirsty...

  12. Yay for off season! I'm not a big beer drinker, so I'm going to cast my husband's vote for IPA!

  13. I voted for Belgian. I struggled with deciding between IPA and Belgian, so as long as either of those win out in the end, I'll be happy :)

    I had a couple of new beers in WI this weekend. New Glarus's Spotted Cow ( A little fruity but not overwhelming and very smooth. And then a Lakefront Brewing Company Riverwest Stein Beer ( Very good as well. Gotta sample the local fare whenever possible :) It's good for the economy - or at least that is my excuse.

    Can't wait for brewing season to start!

  14. Go with something you think I would like:) I am 90% vote is for the German beer!

  15. hefeweizen!!!! all the way! I want some though and I am close enough geographically to claim it!!!

    glad you had a great vacation. 2.5 weeks left and I am off season with you!

  16. Hey - just found your blog.

    I could not stop smiling at the concept of knocking off tri season to move into beer season. I think I like it!

    Great read. You've got a new follower.

  17. Regina I'll be sure to remind Jon to send you a bottle or better yet come on over and we'll do dinner. Jon will cook of coarse. lol.

  18. Hello fellow brewer and triathlete. I brew mead and cider. I am also training for a triathlon. German beer is great but brewing it here in Orlando, FL is hard because of the heat. Best of luck.



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