Friday, September 24, 2010

Did you know that Swimming, Biking, and or Running is GOOD for you?!?!

Shocking news! Right?

Thanks everyone for your thoughts on  keeping my back stretched out.

Went and saw the Dr today about my back issue. He basically said it was bad luck but was more concerned about the location of the spasm because of how close the muscles that did spasm are to the spine. If the spasms occurred at the base of my back, that would indicate a possible herniated disc = BAD JUJU! Fortunately! The spasm occurred in the mid back range and what I am feeling now is tenderness due to the fact that my back muscles contracted so rapidly.

His prescription? Muscle relaxers!

I am feeling better already just from sitting on my butt all day watching "Wall Street." Might pop a muscle relaxer when I go to bed tonight.

Oh! So back to the title of this post. I was @ the Doctor 10 days ago for my annual checkup and blood work. I saw my results today; he said that my cholesterol was 220. A little high, yes, BUT! If you break that 220 down you get:
95 good
125 bad.

He explained all of this to me with a smile on his face. Yes, over 200 is considered "bad" but with a high GOOD cholesterol number of 95, I am doing wonderfully. He explained that "normal" people have good cholesterol in the range of 40-50 and that raising that number as high as mine can't be done through diet, but only through exercise.

Phew! When I heard 220 I immediately thought to myself, "So much for eating 3 eggs (with yolks) each morning. DOH!" Well now I can eat even MORE eggs if I wanted to. So if you are worried about the cholesterol in eggs, DON'T (as long as you are remaining super active).

See! Swimming, Biking, and or Running is GOOD for you!!!!


  1. YAY because I love eggs - no stopping me.

    oh and I MAY like muscle relaxers too. What?! Eggs & poppin' pills - just what the DR ordered.

    Happy Friday!

  2. muscle relaxer omelettes, not just for breakfast anymore!

  3. Great to hear it is nothing serious with the back!

  4. Did you take your nap yet today? I just want to make sure you are sticking to your training plan despite the setback.

    Hope the back heals up quickly!

  5. had the Bad JuJu last summer, it sucks, glad you don't have it.

    Good to know about the exercise and cholesterol.

  6. Just found your blog.

    I have had the bad JUJU. Spasms in the back often mean a need for more core work.

    Take some time to rest and you will be great. Good news on the cholesterol.

  7. Hi little bro,
    Do those muscle relaxers really work? I could of used one of those after one of my long runs:)

    High cholesterol runs in my family. My grandmother and mother have super high cholesterol. They both are on meds and need to watch their diets. I was checked about one year ago....123:) The doc did tell me to stay active so that my score stays where it needs to be.

    Have a great weekend and take care!

  8. Damn blogger -- just typed up a big long reply and it gave me the "error" message. I can't even remember what the hell I wrote - this training is making me lose my mind?

  9. I'm glad there's nothing majorly wrong with your back!
    Yay for having a high # for good cholesterol! Woohoo!

  10. Hope you are feeling better. ha muscle relaxer omelets...

  11. RE: muscle relaxers....told ya.

    hope you are feeling better. I do have a herniated disc, it sucks.


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