Thursday, September 2, 2010

Being realistic: There will always be another Marathon

This is NOT a hard thing to write. In fact its a bit of a relief to write this.

The NYC Marathon is just NOT happening this year.

Am I disappointed? YEP!

But let's look at the facts here:
  • Since Timberman (Aug 22nd), I have ran a total of 12 miles. Due to....
  • My foot has been hurting for a still hurts. NOT as bad, but I can still feel it.
  • My foot/calve is still not 100%
  • Yesterday's PT session was wonderful and it helped me figure out the cause. Unfortunately the cure is not a 1 shot wonder. This will take time to heal.
  • Training for a marathon is NOT going to heal it....
  • How can I train for a marathon if I currently can't run?
  • I am going on a 9 day vacation to Disney World and Florida starting in 2 days
  • Running on a Vacation, which the point of the vacation is to relax and have fun, is STUPID
  • I would need to run a 17 miler this weekend, while on vacation. NOT HAPPENING!
  • When I return from Vacation, I will have a grand total of 8 weeks LEFT of running before the marathon
  • 8 weeks is NOT enough time to train for a marathon!!! Regardless of how much I have done this season!
  • Remember I have barely ran in the last 2 weeks? And I will be taking next week off?
  • Is barely or not running at all for 3 weeks then jumping right into the middle of a marathon program the smartest thing? I THINK NOT!
  • ....I just see a worse injury coming on or aggravating this current injury further.
  • I did 4 Half Ironman Races this year. Isn't that enough in a year's time?!?!?
  • If I am going to do a Marathon, I want to do it SMART and do it RIGHT.
  • What I have listed above, IS NOT training for a marathon SMART or doing it RIGHT.
  • I want to feel like I did my job 110% in preparation for this marathon. After all, its a freaking MARATHON!!! There is NO loafing or short changing this thing!
  • Ironman Lake Placid is my #1 Goal next year, and it TRUMPS the NYC Marathon.
  • Staying healthy for Lake Placid is #1. Training for and running this marathon in my current state and schedule is NOT healthy.
  • Finally, if I am going to feel guilt and feel rushed for this training cycle for this marathon, then SCREW it!

Sorry NYC, but maybe 2011 will be a better year! (I have the option to defer this year's entry to next year)

And to be honest, my body has enjoyed being a lazy person the last two weeks. It's really making want to get back out onto the road bike and just have fun for the sake of riding my bike. I WANT to continue running, but my body has been through enough this year. I can't mentally do it anymore. Its been a looooooooong season and my body through this latest injury is saying, "JON! Congrats on killing Timberman. You did a great job! Now its MY turn to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I am going to be a pain in the ass next year if you don't STOP NOW!"

Its funny how it comes down to being a numbers game in the end. We all know our bodies and when your body is not capable of putting up the numbers it needs to do a distance the way you want to do it, then its not fun playing the game and playing catch up the entire time is just a recipe for disaster!

So I am deciding to stop now and float it this fall. On January 1st, I am starting Ironman Training. On that day, I want to be HUNGRY to do Ironman Training. I think a few more months of rest will make me hungrier.

Thanks for reading!


  1. As I told you yesterday, I understand this all to well. When I had to accept that my fall marathon wasn't going to happen it was both a disappointment and weight lifted off my shoulders. Rest up and come back better than ever Jon!

  2. Your arguments all are sound and logical but you missed one undeniable truth, multisport people are nuts to a point of being stupid and sound logical thinking isn't always going to trump multisport stupidity. =) Been there, done that, smarter for it. I had to ditch KC marathon last year for a abdominal strain. Nothing wrong with that.

  3. Bummer, yet smart.

    Eat some burgers and drink some beers. That motivates me to train :)

  4. A wise choice. As you say, there will be another marathon. Look to your next realistic goal.

  5. awww thats too bad, but only YOU know ur body and what to do with it. there will be many marathons. tons of them!
    enjoy some relaxation and some beer. u deserve it!!!!

  6. Sounds like a smart decision. Time to relax!

  7. Smart to take a B race and put it behind you when you are injured. I think you made a good decision -- a tough one, but the right one. Besides, IM trumps marathon every time.

  8. Your a smart man, excellent decision, you dont want to be like me and on the self all season.

  9. Wow, good for you! Enjoy your time off, but don't be a stranger!
    I can't wait for your return for 201Ironman season!!
    Have fun at Disney!

  10. Great decision! Enjoy your time off and then get ready for the IM Lake Placid!

  11. Bummer. I so want IN to NYC!

    See you there next year! ;)

  12. Smart, Smart decision. I was supposed to do the Shamrock Marathon in March but couldn't as Piriformis Syndrome set in. I had to do a months worth of PT and everytime I increased my mileage it hurt. So I didn' t do it. Im glad I didnt because Now I can run farther without pain and know how to stretch before and after exercising to reduce it. Take it off and focus on the BIG Lake Placid!!

  13. Listen to your boddy, you'll have a better season for it next year.

  14. Good decision! Mainly because now we can both do the 2011 NYC Marathon! I've already done the NYRR 9+1 for this year to qualify for 2011.

  15. So maybe we can do the marathon together next least the first 5 miles until you pass me, ha! hoping to do it with the 9+1 plan, but I will also put in for the lottery just to have all my bases covered.

    Sounds like you are doing the right thing. feel better soon.

  16. Sounds like the right decision. You're gonna rock IMLP in 2011!

  17. I think you made a good call! I think you're right about possibly causing more injury to yourself by continuing training for the marathon. Plus, you totally deserve time off!! Enjoy it!

  18. I think you made a smart choice. I had to do the same with the Toronto Marathon because my heart just wasn't in it. I'm upset about pulling it off my schedule but sometimes, the body just needs to recover! It's great that you can defer your entry a year!

  19. You definitely want to be fresh and hungry for training on January 1! A person I know who also is training for IMOO sent out an email on like Jan 8th saying THIS SUCKS. Wow! It's gonna be a long 9 months if you feel that way already.

    I can see why you feel this way...marathons just aren't as much fun as triathlons anyway :)

  20. Hi little bro,
    Yes, you are right...there will be other freaking marathons! You have to do what is best for you and your body:) Vacationing in Disney will be fun for you! deserve it!

  21. You have until the day before the race to defer if you want. I'm also in for NYC but will defer this year.

    Your mind is in a good place - it is all about placid.

  22. Excellent decision Jon. IM is the goal.

    Hey, I decided to ditch the 50K Trail Run in December and I didn't get selected for by the lotto so that is out. I am disappointed but the goal is IM. I understand your dilemma and applaud your decision.

  23. AWESOME POST!! I'm so glad you're listening to your body and not pushing through to a worse injury! You totally deserve a break (and I'm only a *little* jealous of your vacation plans).

  24. Bummer, but it sounds like a smart move. I'm glad you are able to defer it until 2011. That probably made making the decision a little bit easier.

    You had an awesome season and deserve the rest.

    January will be here before you know it!

  25. Running on a Vacation, which the point of the vacation is to relax and have fun, is STUPID


    while that statement is SO true this one is the clincher:::

    ....I just see a worse injury coming on or aggravating this current injury further.

    I had the same feeling last November and hung up the shoes for 4 weeks no running at all. rest is the cure - Great season!


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