Monday, December 21, 2009

Not the "I" word!

My right knee has been bothering me for about a week. Dare I say its "injured"? I'd rather call it a "bothersome" for now, since I don't know what it is exactly.

Its the inner back part of the knee that has been bugging me. It occured after my 8 miler over a week ago and last week it would come and go. It wouldn't hurt during a run, only afterwards and during the day. After a few days rest, it was fine, until after a run. Come Sunday morning during the snow run both knees were bothering me so I was REALLY confused as to what hurt.

But this morning I went out for a 4 miler and my right knee was definately hurting during the run, which was a first. I called it quits @ 1.66 miles and swallowed my pride. I iced it immediately.

So now what? Well for starters its only December and there is NO reason to overdo it right now. No reason at all! So I stop running for a week? Big deal, its not going to ruin my season. My goal for 100 miles this month? There will be plenty of months to accomplish that. Its not worth it!

I am ditching tomorrow's run and will half my run on Thursday, which I will do on a treadmill. I will probably ditch Friday's run (its Christmas afterall!). And depending on how I feel for next Sunday's 10 miler, it will most likely be halved to 5 miles IF my knee does NOT hurt. If it hurts in the slightest come next Sunday, I will stop immediately and drop running altogether until I can see a PT.

I gotta keep telling myself, "Its only December, its only December...."

I am probably doing my classic overreaction, but I REALLY don't want to mess around with this. I don't have to run! Its really simple.


  1. Knees are tricky and unless you are willing to go see a specialist, I would lay off training for a while. Spend the extra time in the pool, getting your stroke efficiency up.

  2. Try rolling out your hamstrings all the way to your knee. Sounds like your hamstrings have tightened up-- I had that problem last year, and I really have to stretch alot. Do you have foam roller? Also, an advil or two won't hurt.

  3. Stretch, stretch, stretch can't stress this enough. It's a pain in the a$$ to use your time to stretch rather than run, but I've learned the hard way that it's well worth the time.

    Good call on reducing the miles, kind of sucks though.

  4. Wow, what a mature athlete to be able to stop mid run and ice it! Very impressive plan you've got for the next week. Way to stay level headed about all this.

  5. You are a wise man. I think the rest will do it good. And although I can't say I stretch very much, I think it is sound advice. I sometimes get a little ITB issues, which I feel in my knee, so I definitely use the foam roller; it helps A LOT!

    good luck

  6. Jon, I'm the president of the "I" Club so I can't stress enough how a little rest now can make all the difference later. Better to take a few weeks off than a few months, look what happened to me. I'd see a specialist for sure. We ask so much of our bodies so it's good to have a doc help keep things in working order sometimes.


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