Monday, December 7, 2009

season 3 begins!.....outside!

To kick start my 3rd season of Triathlon, I went outside this morning......on the bike! And it was 27 degrees! That is a new all time coldest temperature that I have biked in. Running in 27 degree weather is balmy; biking in it is a different story due to the extra wind resistance and your entire body isn't moving.

I was dressed appropriately and only had a few numb digits. First my nose and face went numb; but by the time that warmed up, my thumbs were numb. By the time my thumbs warmed up my toes were cold. Seems like the warm blood kept traveling. I had on a pair of thick wool/polyester hybrid socks and neoprene booties and I'm surpised it took to the end of the ride for my feet to go cold. Maybe I need to keep my shoes a bit looser to help with the circulation? I surely had enough warm stuff on around my feet.

I was staring at the trainer last night and realized that I didn't HAVE to ride the trainer. I can always go outside! I feel very victorious for putting up with the cold and putting in 17 miles.

Finally, my water bottle was almost frozen by the end ;)


  1. Jon, you are 'da man. I have great clothes for riding in the cold but for some reason there is this mental block that tells me not to go out when the temp is under freezing. Did you wear a baklava on your face?

  2. You are one brave soul. I am avoiding biking outside like the plague. Not that spinning or the trainer is any more exciting, but at least it's warm.

    I ran a 10K in Central Park...that was not so fun either, but I got toasty fast.

  3. You're dedicated, I'll give you that, but also a little nuts! I must be getting a little soft, I wouldn't even think of riding in anything below 50F. I'll be sticking to the spin class & trainer.

  4. u r brave! that is very cold.
    good luck on ur training. looking forward to reading more about it!

  5. Now that is toughness. The I haven't been out in anything under 30 yet.

    Keep it up!!


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