Friday, December 4, 2009

Ironman New Orleans 70.3, ITS ON!

I finally pulled the trigger on New Orleans last night. I hadn't planned on doing a race this early in the season (April 18th), but based upon my training plan, there is no way that I wouldn't be in shape for the race already, as long as I treat it as a training race. I won't have the speed at that point in the season, but I should have the endurance and volume to go slow and steady and basically use this race as a test for better pacing and ESPECIALLY better nutrition to fix some errors that I made @ Timberman last August.

I realized a few weeks ago that you are not going to get better at something (i.e. Half Ironman distances) by only doing it once per year. I'd rather do it 3 times in one year :)

So this means that season #3 of triathlon will officially begin next Monday!

I got in a 4 mile run this morning. I felt 100% better on this run compared to yesterday's.


  1. This is super exciting! Congrats!

  2. See now? You've gone and made me feel badly about doing only one 70.3 this season. Kidding. Way to go, talk about ambitious. And think about all the beer & jazz afterwards! I have toyed with doing another 70.3 in Montauk in October, but not sure. I may want to see how Mooseman goes.

  3. have heard great things about this race !

  4. Thanks for pointing me in the direction of the WKO+ software. I downloaded it, started poking through it and saw exactly what you meant. The reports are fantastic, so I bought it. Great tool. And congrats on putting the rubber on the road and signing up for New Orleans!

  5. Awesome! I'll be seeing you in New Orleans!


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