Wednesday, December 2, 2009

exploding beer!......non-exploding stomach

The beer and I are in a similar situation tonight. While fermenting to 6.5% its wanting to explode out of the airlock. Fortunately its an easy remedy to fix....take the top off.

I on the other hand, was doubled over in severe pain a few hours ago filled with what felt like a twisting stomach and nausea. I wanted the pressure to relieve! but it wouldn't! Eventually I passed out on the couch in pain, woke up and felt 100% better. It was getting progressively worse all day after I ate a banana this morning. I have barely eaten all day and still do not feel hungry. When standing I can feel the weakness in my legs and I haven't felt this trembly-weak since finishing my half Ironman back in August.

Hopefully this will pass in time for my 5 miler on Thursday. I jinxed myself! hahaha! Gonna take tomorrow off completely unless a miracle happens....

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  1. I used to date a guy in college who made his own beer, yummy!

    Hope you are feeling better!


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