Friday, December 18, 2009

uh oh! anybody been snow running?

Looks like we (northeasterners) are going to get our first major snowstorm of the season this weekend:

This is when I wish I lived right inside NYC so that I can see Central Park immediately after the storm finishes. I will be inside tomorrow anyways for a 90 min trainer ride, but on Sunday I'm scheduled to run 9 miles. 9 miles on a dreadmill? Um, no thanks!

I have biked in a snowstorm before, but haven't ran in one yet. Think I should add this to my list of 100 different strange conditions to run in? Hopefully by Sunday afternoon it might be decent to go out.

Whats everyone's workout plans for the weekend?


  1. Long ride on the trainer tomorrow and rest day on Sunday. Glad to hear I don't have to travel out East this weekend...looks like a doozy!

  2. I've finally started running again and ran outside for the first time in winter...ever. Running in snow is not fun, but I'm sure running in a snowstorm would be!

  3. I live on Riverside Drive and the park gets gorgeous after a snowstorm and sooooooo quiet, it's amazing.

    Saturday I am on tap ford a 1:45 ride outside, but my coach gave me an alternative indoor brick workout in case the weather was too cold (AND snowy now) so I'll be indoors tomorrow. Sunday I have a 1:15 run and hill repeats, so I am with you, not sure how that is going to go. I'll work it out somehow. I have run in a snowstorm before; not pretty, but quiet and desolate cuz all the sane people stayed indoors.

  4. Running in the snow is tons of fun. Seriously. Going out right after a snowfall is one of my favorite times to run. It is actually easier to run while it is still snowing or has just stopped because the snow is fresh and not pitted with other foot prints. Once you get a bunch of traffic on the snow, it makes it less stable and can slow you down a bit.

    And like Regina said, it is very quiet and peaceful. Just bundle up and I am sure you will enjoy it!

  5. I live in Brooklyn and can't wait for it to start snowing! Prospect Park is a gift that I accept in every season.

    My verification word is mangly. I guess that is how I look after I come back from a snowy run. I get all mangly :))))


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