Saturday, December 12, 2009

Aging on up! 26 going on 27 going on 28?

Well I am proud to say that I am turning 27 AND 28 today. Thank you USA Triathlon! (you race the age you are on December 31st).

So its strange to say, "Why yes. I am turning 27 today."....... when there were a bunch of times over the past 12 months where my age has been listed as 27 and I had to answer my age as 27 due to the above policy, while I was actually only 26. So when I turn (physically) 29, I will be age-grouping UP to to the 30-34 year old age group! Bummer!

Well I rewarded myself today with a run and a trainer session.......and some pie......and another slice of pie........and some ice cream.......with chocolate sauce........and a banana :) Gotta keep it healthy with the banana! haha!

Ran an easy 5 miles this morning. Gotta do 8 tomorrow.

Then onto the trainer where I spun for 90 mins (the severe vertical dips were from stopping to fix Netflix from dropping my internet connection):

And finally....
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  1. Happy Birthday. Going by USAT age will just make you grow older faster, how depressing.
    Love the Netflix vertical dips in your workout!

  2. Speaking of USAT ages, I always love checking out ages on calves when I am racing. Almost everyone looks so much younger than their actual age!!

    Happy Birthday!! I hope you had a really wonderful day!


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