Monday, October 6, 2008

swim class, week 1

Just got back from week 1 of my 10 week underwater video swim analysis class. There are 11 or 12 of us, so a pretty good sized class with 4 people in each lane. I'm in the middle speed lane, but about the slowest in the middle lane. Oh well, we aren't here for speed, just technique.

We started with an 8 minute warmup and I swam however far it takes to do in that much time. I was feeling it by the end. I have only been in the pool once since the Westchester Tri over 2 weeks ago. I soon found my rhythm again.

Then we moved onto drills. The first was easy, just kick on your stomach while pressing your chest down. Then we did that dreaded drill that I always choke on water on. Swim 45 degrees on your side with your arm 45 degrees down. Every time I roll I sink and I swallow water. Well guess what I get to work out this week!! Yay..........blah.....

Then we got to the swim video part. Upon review of the tape, I actually looked pretty good in the water. My body was horizontal and my kick was nice and conistent. My arm work is what was pointed out as not being so good. Basically I am trying to do a catch drill and I am letting my forward arm hang out in front too long. I am also crossing my arms over, which is making me zig-zag in the water, also not good. So already I am getting some great feedback.


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