Thursday, October 23, 2008

7.9 mile run, and got a little lost, sorta

Today my running partner and I set out for this trail that he had done once before. We departed at 6:40-ish and it was pretty dark. When we hit the trail at a little under the first mile, I couldn't see much, but fortunately the trail was clear of any major debris. Still dark....

Then when we got to the end of the trail, it just stopped practically in someone's backyard, so a little awkward that we ran through these people's backyard as they were eating breakfast. Fortunately they didn't see us. Then by seat of our pants we just ran in a general direction that we thought could get us to a major road. Well that major road turned out to the Saxon Woods Rd, a hilly road that I would pound up on my ROAD BIKE. Yikes! We were a good 5-ish miles away @ this point. Whatever, I am still in good running shape from the half marathon and I was feeling good so far. So I pounded down a GU and we were off.

What a nice crisp morning for a run. 34 degrees @ the start, but I was shedding clothing and unzipping shirts by mile 2. I think I can do this cold weather running, as long as I have someone to run with.

Oh and last night I went to the pool to practice those balance drills. It was a long 30 mins and I only put in 900 yards. Yikes! I am getting better at the balance drills, still not perfected, but a LOT better than when I first started doing these.


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